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First Russell/Noel One-shot

Hi, new to the community though I gues I've been a lurker for a while. Didn't really expect I'd be posting anything here, but my mind came up with a plot bunny in the middle of the night which i wanted to share :D

Title: Running Through Camden
Author: [info]houseofsmith
Pairing: Russell Brand/Noel Fielding
Warnings: Slash, language
Rating: I dunno, I guess a 15 rating..no idea if that'd be an R or PG-13 :/
Word Count: 846
Summary: It's New Year's Eve, the countdown has begun, and Russell's running as he weaves through the streets of Camden.

Disclaimer: I do not own Russell Brand or Noel Fielding and I will never own Russell or Noel, -unless they bring out 'Goth Detectives' action figures XD-, a chunk of knowledge which inevitably brings disappointment. No harm is meant by this story, it is purely fictional and created to satisfy the needs of us all. Also, I'm rubbish at geography, so I apologise if there are factual errors.

[ http://houseofsmith.livejournal.com/2252.html ]

Tags: russell brand
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