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goth_detectives's Journal

The Goth Detective Agency
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Welcome to The Goth Detective Agency - a humble little corner of LiveJournal dedicated to the joys that are Noel Fielding and Russell Brand.

A Goth Detective is now the name of a fan of both Noel and Russell. (I just decided this. Think it'll stick? Spread the word!)

This is a place for you all to share your love and adoration for Russell and Noel. You can post anything you like here as long as it's vaugly relevant to either or both of them. I will, however, be banning anyone who is hateful towards Noel, Russell or any of the community members. It will not be tolerated in any way.

You may be sitting there thinking "Yeah...that's all well and good and everything...but seriously...do you allow slash because it makes the world go round?!"

The answer to this question is yes, most definitely! When you do it, be sensible though. Put it behind a cut and whatnot. Let us know the title and warnings and everything. You're all smarties, you know what to do! I won't spoon feed you all!

Any problems? Contact one of your very obsessed mods -
Bethany Blackbird McKnight

The Muvabitch

Vince Skeleton

We can be reached collectively at the following email address:

For kinky fic, also check out blue_boosh