master_of_drums (master_of_drums) wrote in goth_detectives,

I'm New Here ;)

I've been a fan of the goth detectives since the the big fat quiz 2006 and a fan of noel and the boosh even longer 8D
I'm really gutted that I didn't find this community sooner but oh well, I actually haven't been on LJ long either lol

I have both big fat quizzes on my PC and the whole of the mighty boosh and some of russells stand up you could say I'm a little absessed with the pair of them
But I did come with a gift made it myself

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Awesome to see someone post to this community! It's been quiet for a long time now. The Goth Detectives are so adorable--it's hard to believe it's been so long since they first popped up.
I thought I'd try and bring a bit of (after) Life to the Goth Detectives
and just like jimmy carr said "look at them they're adorable"
Welcome :)
aww thanks so much 8D