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And after a disgustingly long hiatus...

Title: Learning Curve- Chapter Thirty-Two
Author:  copycatgirl
Rating: R for slash, language, mpreg and sexual implications
Pairing: Russell Brand/Noel Fielding, Dee Plume/Matt Morgan, Julian Barrat/Julia Davis
Tagline: They said it was harmless. They were wrong.
Word count: 1261
Disclaimer: Russell Brand, Noel Fielding, Dee Plume, Matt Morgan, Diane Fielding, Barbara Brand, Julian Barratt and Julia Davis are all real people, and I own no rights to write fiction about them. No offence is meant by this story.

(Barbara Brand rifled through the black sports bag, seizing a pair of grey denim skinny jeans and holding them up, wordlessly waiting for the excuse.)
Tags: noel, russell brand
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